CMCRCCapital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (Australia)
CMCRCCoastal Model Car Racing Club (UK)
CMCRCChinese Medicine Clinical Research Centre (Australia)
CMCRCComparative Medicine Clinical Research Center (Wake Forest University; Winston-Salem, NC)
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Michael Aitken, Chief Scientist of the CMCRC and Chairman of Capital Market Technologies at the University of New South Wales
In fact, previous experiments performed at the CMCRC laboratory have shown that a) methanol administered in drinking water, at doses ranging from 20,000 to 500 ppm, induced a statistically significant increase in the incidence of lymphomas/ leukemias in female rats (Soffritti et al.
Moreover, carcinogenic effects for the renal pelvis and ureter, peripheral nerves and proliferative changes of the olfactory epithelium were not observed in the long-term bioassays performed in the same conditions at the CMCRC on methanol, MTBE, or formaldehyde.