CMCZCodemasters Campzone
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In the first quarter of 2012, we expect a slowdown in operations, typical with this time of year as we begin to enter the winter months at such businesses as CMCZ.
CMCZ (Poland) saw an improved pricing environment from mid-quarter on and achieved an adjusted operating profit of $16.
McClean said, "The combined operations of CMCZ (Poland) and CMCS (Croatia) were disappointing with a slight adjusted operating loss of 577 thousand as compared to last year's record $25.
CMCZ took full advantage of our integrated business model from our mega shredder, through our mill, and into our fabrication plants.
CMCZ (Poland) likely will benefit from the strong construction market in Central and Eastern Europe; however, results may be lower than our third quarter due to reduced prices and shipments.
McClean said, "We achieved solid results for a second quarter with a significant improvement at CMCZ, our Polish operation.
CMCZ (Poland) should have an exceptional quarter based on a booming construction market in Central and Eastern Europe.
CMCZ), has purchased all of the shares of CMCZ owned by the Polish Ministry of State Treasury.