CMDBSCarboxymethyl Dextran Benzylamide Sulfonate/Sulfates
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But a CMDB will only give you a partial view of what is going on.
According to industry analytics, most organizations have at least six IT operations systems of record today (user monitoring, server monitoring, CMDBs, diagnostics, maybe some log monitoring, cloud provider consoles, analytics, etc.).
Application discovery and dependency mapping -Thisand discovery in general are once again "hot" as the CMDB moves outward into a federated systems of optimized sources for everything from classic configuration management, to active release and change management, to asset management, and service impact management including data center consolidation and the move to virtualization.
* Automatically populate both EMC and third-party CMDBs with best-practices configuration items (CIs) and allows customization to define customer-specific CIs* Build a single, reconciled view of the truth about the IT environment * Visualize application and service dependencies across the data center -- including applications, servers, networks, storage -- both physical and virtual* Leverage the solution as a critical component of a federated and modular CMS to achieve a single, accurate and current view of the IT environment, so those responsible for configuration management can understand -- across multiple domains -- the resources underpinning business services
With Ionix Datacenter Insight, customers can automatically populate EMC and third-party CMDBs with Configuration Items (CIs), that allow customisation to define customer-specific CIs.
As organizations seek solutions, he adds, they will need to know how their preferred technology vendors fulfill key criteria, such as: ability to federate or share information between CMDBs and other management data repositories; an increasing role of CMDB in Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3 best practices; the ability to analyze and manage infrastructure capacity, risk governance, software license compliance and service continuity demands; accessibility versus security; and adherence to specific compliance regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the GrammLeach-Bliley Act and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.
Novell Inc (Nasdaq:NOVL), a software company and distributor of Linux value-added operating systems, announced on Tuesday (20 January) the general availability of myCMDB, a web-based application that leverages social networking to enhance enterprise configuration management database (CMDB) usability, accessibility and accuracy.
CMDBs give IT organizations complete visibility into the attributes, relationships, and dependencies of the components in their enterprise computing environments.
* EMC Ionix for Service Discovery and Mapping: Provides the visibility into complex applications and their physical and virtual dependencies -- supporting and enabling Configuration Management Database (CMDB)/Configuration Management System (CMS) population, change management, and application troubleshooting, and helping customers meet the challenges of business continuity and site recovery across the physical and virtual infrastructure.
An industry standard for federating and accessing IT information will integrate communication between CMDBs, which hold details related to the components of an IT infrastructure, including information about servers, storage devices, networks, middleware, applications and data.
"A key feature of ABACUS is that we've made it very quick and straightforward to get data in and out of the tool: you can round trip with MS Excel, Visio, SharePoint, CMDBs and many other sources."
The ITIL CMDB guidelines will hopefully improve physical layer management at all organizations; iTRACS is contributing to the cause through iTRACS Physical Layer Manager, which can utilize four optional modules to better enable ITIL integration in corporate CMDBs," said Saket Subramaniam, Regional Sales Director, iTRACS Middle East.