CMDIChina Mountain Development Institute (est. 2007)
CMDICintrage Metallerie Delcambre Industrie (French: Delcambre Industry Metalwork Bending; est. 1979)
CMDICreator Media Database Interface (software)
CMDICenter for Agriculture and Rural Development Magnetic Resonance Imaging Development Institute (Manila, Philippines)
CMDIChina Medical Device Information Network (Beijing, China)
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The use of a DNCB-Ethanoic acid compound to induce inflammation in the colons of rats resulted in test subjects whose symptoms, CMDI score and tissue pathological changes suggest the successful creation of an animal model of ulcerative colitis (according to a hapten induction mechanism with normal immune systems).
Halmurat Upur, PhD; Kurexi Yunus, PhD; Yasen Mijiti, MPH; Huang Jing Jing, MPH; He Jie, MPH; Lian Jing Jing, MPH Table 1 (CMDI) the index comparison of rats colon mucous membrane damage from normal group and the model group.
Synthesis of Caprolactam-Blocked Methylenediphenyl Diisocyanate (CMDI)
CMDI was prepared according to the reported procedure (28).
To the organophilic clay-filled epoxy resin, the varying amounts (5, 10, and 15 g) of CMDI (by wt%) were added at 90[degrees]C for 10 min with constant stirring followed by the addition of stoichiometric amount of curative 4, 4'-diaminodiphenyl methane (27.2 g) corresponding to epoxy equivalents.
The characteristic IR absorption peak observed for unmodified epoxy and CMDI is shown in Fig.
Thermal and water absorption behavior of hybrid CMDI toughened epoxy nanocomposites.
The values of HDT decreased with increasing the percentage of CMDI into epoxy resin due to the presence of flexible-NH-CO-linkages, which in turn reduced the values of heat distortion temperature.
The incorporation of CMDI into epoxy resin decreased the thermal stability and lowered the degradation temperature according to the rise in percentage concentration (Table 2).
All Garidisan doses reduced CMDI and HS, but declines in CMDI for all Garidisan doses were less than that for the SASP group.
The DAI, CMDI, and HS of UC rats are closely related to UC histopathology results, so they can be used for evaluating therapeutic efficacy [17-19].
Abbreviations UC: Ulcerative colitis SASP: Sulfasalazine TNBS: 2,4,6-Trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid HE: Hematoxylin and eosin DAI: Disease activity index CMDI: Colonic mucosal damage index HS: Histological scores VG: Van Gieson SEM: Scanning electron microscope ICAM 1: Intercellular adhesion molecule 1 IFN- r: Interferon-r IL-4: Interleukin-4 VEGF: Vascular endothelial cell growth factor EGF: Epidermal growth factor bFGF: Basic fibroblast growth factor VEGFR: Vascular endothelial cell growth factor receptor EGFR: Epidermal growth factor receptor FGFR: Fibroblast growth factor receptor.