CMDPChinese Marrow Donor Program
CMDPCommand Maintenance Discipline Program (US Army)
CMDPComprehensive Medical and Dental Program (Arizona Department of Economic Security)
CMDPConseils des Médecins, Dentistes et Pharmaciens du Québec
CMDPCapital Market Development Plan
CMDPCareer Management Development Program
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This may seem like an odd choice, since typically students of CMDP rotate to other office branches.
Now, is there a CMDP to cover the period beyond 2017?
The SECP has framed the CMDP (2016-2018) around the essential targets.
The CMDP directed the project proponent to ensure the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural resources in the area.
They have formulated the channel selection problem as a constrained Markov decision process (CMDP) model, where the PU traffic is slotted and the considered constraints include maximum probability of collision with the licensed users, maximum packet loss probability, and maximum packet delay for mobile nodes.
They analyzed 188 hES cell lines from the Chinese Marrow Donor Program (CMDP) and their results were similar to those obtained by Taylor and Nakajima (Figure 1).
The China Marrow Donor Program (CMDP), which is also administered by the RCSC, also announced that it has been increasingly successful in signing citizens for the nation's bone marrow bank registry, noting that 970,000 donors have joined the registry since it was established in 2001, Xinhua News Agency reported.
A constrained MDP (CMDP) consists of states X, actions U, transition probabilities [p.sub.x,u](x'), rewards [r.sub.x,u], a distribution on starting states D, and a discount factor [gamma], as before.
The Colorado Medicaid Demonstration Program (CMDP) allows a comparison of direct capitation of Medicaid providers, capitation of an intermediary MBHO, and traditional FF8 reimbursement of providers.
The government of Pakistan with collaboration with Asian Development Bank (ADB) formulated a Capital Market Development Programme (CMDP) during 1997-98.
Secondly, The Asian Development Bank has released $125 million as first tranche of Capital Market Development Programme (CMDP) loan for restructuring of the corporate sector in Pakistan.