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Upon promotion to Cmdre in June 2016, he was appointed as the Director General Naval Force Development where he was responsible for the strategic development of the future Royal Canadian Navy.
RAdm Santarpia was promoted to Cmdre in July 2013 and appointed Director General Naval Personnel.
Upon completing the National Security Studies Program in 2008 he was promoted to Cmdre and appointed as the Commander Canadian Fleet Atlantic.
Cmdre Bernatchez deployed with the Canadian Forces Air Component during the Kosovo conflict in 1999, and was involved in the oversight, coordination and provision of legal services to Canadian Armed Forces expeditionary and domestic operations from 2000 to 2005.
"Since I have been here working with the Bahraini Coastguard (July 2015) I know that there have been weapons near Bahrain that are very concerning," Cmdre Wirstrom told the GDN on board the USS Ponce.
Cmdre Wirstrom said that waterborne IEDs remained a challenge to the region.
"The reason for the exercise in the region is to develop relationships and partnerships with the Gulf coalition countries, as we all face a common threat," said Cmdre Wirstrom.
Cmdre Miller recalled: "I got up and saw two aircraft, right over the bow, very low, pulling up to deliver their bombs."
Cmdre Miller eventually jumped 45ft from the star board, into extremely cold water and managed to get on to a very heavily crowded life raft.
Unable to move up or down, or even to his left or right because of coils which had wrapped around his legs, Cmdre Miller came close to accepting death.
On Friday, Cmdre Miller will be at a memorial event in Newquay but, like many of its former crew, he will be thinking of Coventry, the ship and the city.
Although, in the event, the LR5 was not used, Cmdre Russell said that the mission had provided experience of working with the Russians which could prove valuable in the future.