CMDTCompagnie Malienne pour le Developpement des Textiles (Mali)
CMDTCurrent Medical Diagnosis & Treatment
CMDTCompagnie Malienne Des Textiles (French: Malian Textile Company)
CMDTCompany for the Development of Textiles (Mali)
CMDTCombined Manual and Decision Task (engineering)
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Correlation coefficient of the CMDTs Rho CMDT Tooth (FDI notation) Right Left Shovel-shaped incisors 11/21 vs.
This was a transversal, descriptive, observational study on the frequency and variability of thirteen CMDTs in permanent teeth of116 schoolchildren of both sexes (59 females and 57 males) who make part of the Afro-Colombian population and who go to a school of the municipality of Villa Rica, Cauca.
Because Vasont stores an SGML version of CMDT in its repository, contributors can work from the authoring tools they are most comfortable using.
All drug names in CMDT in red type if they have corresponding monographs in the Pocket Guide to Commonly Prescribed Drugs.
Notably, since the 1970s, the CMDT has encouraged the recording of both agricultural activities and family events by the heads of households.
1 or higher; higher; 8 MB 8 MB RAM; 5 MB hard 4 MB RAM RAM; 4 MB drive; i486 or hard drive; higher i486 or higher Yes Yes No No No No Yes (c) No -- (d) US $199 350 Free CMDT GraphROC 2.
The main focus of this article is to provide a comparative study of land management methods in the ON zones and CMDT regions.
When it became clear that the odds on Abidjan being reopened during the main cotton export season were virtually nil, a spokesperson for CMDT said: "Now, as the chances of this happening are dwindling and as we go to LomE in Togo, Tema in Ghana and Dakar in Senegal to export, the expected profit has been reduced to CFA1.
Bakary Camara's article identifies two different land tenure situations in the cotton-producing region of Mali: a statist land tenure regime in the Office du Niger territory; and a CMDT zone in which largely (neo-)customary rules and relations prevail.
The leading annually updated general medical text CMDT 2006 is the most comprehensive, reliable, and timely reference available to answer common questions in everyday clinical practice.
Composed of nearly 2,000 pages full of text and graphics, CMDT is the most comprehensive and timely reference available to answer common questions in everyday clinical practice.
Comdata Holdings Corporation common stock trades on the NASDAQ National Market System under the symbol CMDT.