CMEMComputational Methods and Experimental Measurements
CMEMCenter for Micro-Engineered Materials (University of New Mexico)
CMEMColumbio Multi-Sectoral Ecology Movement (Philippines)
CMEMChild Molester Empathy Measure (study)
CMEMCentre Municipal d'Expression Musicale (French: Municipal Center for Musical Expression)
CMEMControl-M Event Manager
CMEMComprehensive Modal Emissions Modeling (engineering)
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Pesci, "Analysis of MOVES and CMEM for evaluating the emissions impact of an intersection control change," in proceedings of Transportation Research Board 90th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, USA, 2011.
Microscopic emission models like CMEM are capable of evaluating traffic impact on the environment in project level.
MOBILE, EMFAC, COPERT, CMEM, MOVES) IVE model takes into account the different technologies and conditions that exist in developing countries like India.
Comprehensive Modal Emission Model (CMEM) Version 3.01 User's Guide.
General Model Reference approach Commonwealth scientific and industrial research organisation [8] Power-based (CRISCO) Comprehensive modal emissions [3] model (CMEM) Speed-based Energy and emissions model (VT) [9] Instantaneous traffic emissions [10] Hybrid Microscale modelling [11] Microscale modelling [12] Table 2: Selected average-aged vehicles for model development.
No Brasil, modelos de emissao microscopicos, como o VT-Micro e o CMEM, tem sua utilizacao restrita por serem desenvolvidos para veiculos com motorizacao e, principalmente, combustiveis com caracteristicas distintas daquelas do pais de origem.
Para minimizar essa restricao no uso de modelos microscopicos, o presente trabalho tem por objetivo a adaptacao do modelo CMEM. A adocao do CMEM se deve ao fato de ser um modelo conceituado, com ampla utilizacao e gratuito.
Assim, a alternativa adotada neste trabalho foi a de utilizar o modelo de emissao CMEM (BARTH et al., 2000) com a metodologia de adaptacao a frota local feita por Lima (2007).
CMEM [32] was developed at a microscopic level to predict second-by-second fuel consumption and emissions using operational activities of a vehicle.
Barth, User's Guide: Comprehensive Modal Emissions Mode (CMEM), University of California, Riverside, Calif, USA, 3.01 edition, 2006.
With respect to (i) and (ii), microscopic tools such as Comprehensive Modal Emissions Model (CMEM; [15,16]), VT-Micro [17,18], and Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES; [19]) can estimate emissions with fine resolution by breaking down the physical behavior of vehicles into different operating modes (e.g., acceleration, deceleration, idle, and cruising).
Barth, Comprehensive Modal Emissions Model (CMEM), version 3.1, User's Guide.