CMEOCommand Managed Equal Opportunity
CMEOCrying My Eyes Out
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To determine the mechanism of action of CEO's and [Ag.sup.+] in combination, TEM imaging was performed using CmEO and [Ag.sup.+] against E.
The order of sensitivity on the basis of MIC values of the CEO's against all the pathogens tested was CcEO > CmEO > CwEO > CnEO > CfEO > CgEO.
Most of the synergistic interactions were observed between CmEO and [Ag.sup.+] (67%), while no synergistic interaction was observed between CwEO and [Ag.sup.+].
There have been some great speakers including the CNO's advisor for diversity, who shared the CNO's guidance," said Chief Electrician's Mate (SW/AW) Jeffery Sampson, CMEO for NRD Atlanta.
The primary goal of the symposium was to conduct professional development training for command-level EOAs, CMEOs and other leaders who address equal opportunity and diversity issues.