CMFRCenter for Media Freedom and Responsibility (Philippines)
CMFRCompletely Mixed Flow Reactor
CMFRCenter for Micro Finance Research (Chennai, India)
CMFRCarl M. Freeman Retail
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The CMFR treatment (D) displayed one of the highest IB strengths when compared to other treatments, but since it was not significantly different from treatment C, it indicates that both treatments C and D promote activation of wood fiber components for bond formation.
While the CMFR praised the Supreme Court's ruling declaring unconstitutional some of its key provisions including the Justice department's power to take down malicious websites, the provision of online libel added to the already "problematic" scene of freedom of expression in the country, it said in a statement.
Reporters at the CMFR workshop reported women in evacuation centers sidling up to them and shyly whispering in their ears of their need for fresh underwear and even sanitary padsitems that most relief organizations overlook when they put together emergency packs, but still a necessity to women and girls.
The news program had a total of eight stories on the incident including reports on the possible procedural lapses of the Southern Police District, an interview with the model and Lee, an interview with Navarro's lawyer, and reports on celebrities and netizens expressing support for the celebrity-host," the CMFR said.
Before he became a radio field reporter, Belen was a former village chieftain who supported the candidacy of Fortuno, the CMFR said.
Of the total 197 individuals who allegedly conspired and participated in the massacre, only 105 have been arrested while 90 others remain at large, CMFR said.
CMFR said that of the 217 media workers murdered since 1986, 145 were killed because of their work.
The CMFR described impunity as "the failure to punish crime which engenders more crime," a description befitting the unresolved Maguindanao massacre.
No mastermind has been convicted since 1986," the CMFR points out.
The CMFR also noted a total of 145 Filipino journalists have been killed for their work since 1986 with only 14 convictions.
After all, said Melinda Quintos de Jesus, executive director of the CMFR, "news coverage is capable of influencing events" in this period of uncertainty.