CMFSCertified Mutual Fund Specialist
CMFSContinuous Media File Server
CMFSCeskomoravský Fotbalový Svaz (Czech: Czech-Moravian Football Association)
CMFSCenter for Marital and Family Studies
CMFSCeramic Membrane Filtration System (equipment)
CMFSCanadian Municipal Financial Statistics
CMFSChild Medical Fear Scale
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The ELITE CMFS platform is designed to serve a wide range of applications, including chemical injection, production blending, process gas solutions and batching operations in a variety of industries including chemical, oil and gas, food and beverage, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries along with integrators and skid builders.
4), the second-order response functions representing phase shift can be expressed as a function of the three operating parameters of CMFS, namely the sensor location, drive frequency, mass flow rate.
The range of variables of CMFS used in the design were SL 60-120 mm, DF of 62-64 Hz and mass flow rate of 0.
Different solutions for the tissue collection and cell isolation were evaluated, obtaining more cell viability with cold CMFS pH 7,3 saline solution.
Para el disgregado celular, se probaron diferentes soluciones fisiologicas de mantenimiento como CMFS (Calcium magnesium free solution) pH 7,3 y otras preparadas en agua de mar con Hepes, Borax, Hepes-Borax, Hepes-BSA (bovine serum albumin), Citrato-Borax y Tripsina.
CMFS organized a group of participants in the original notes who agreed to accept a combination of new notes and cash in satisfaction of the original debt.
A member of the Emerging Markets Trading Association, CMFS provides financial advisory services to sovereign governments, foreign businesses and public entities seeking access to international capital markets for funding and debt restructure.
The CMFS Program is a one-of-a-kind Web-based blended training program for Mutual Fund Industry professionals.
The CMFS offers anyone interested in beginning or continuing their mutual fund education a flexible, cost-effective and enriching program.
CMFS is one of three divisions in Chase Global Services, the bank's information and transaction services franchise.
CMFS is one of the three divisions in Chase Global Services, the bank's information and transaction services franchise.
CMFS (formerly Global Trust) is one of the three businesses that comprise Chase Global Services, the bank's information and transaction processing franchise.