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CMGMCaisse Mutuelle de Garantie de la Mécanique (French: Mechanics Mutual Fund Guarantee)
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According to the Coulomb modified Glauber model (CMGM), introducing the effect of Coulomb field between the projectile and target, there is a deviation in the original trajectory of the scattered particle.
These calculations have been performed in the Coulomb modified Glauber model (CMGM) environment using parameters related to the free space nucleon-nucleon interaction ([[bar.[sigma]].sub.NN]) and medium nucleon-nucleon interaction [[([[sigma].sup.-]).sup.m.sub.NN].
Using the CMGM approaches, we have also calculated the average number of projectile participants ([P.sub.proj]), target participants ([P.sub.targ]), and binary collision ([B.sub.C]) over the different constituents of nuclear emulsion detector for the interaction of different projectiles.