CMHPCharlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Partnership (Charlotte, NC)
CMHPCertified Mental Health Professional
CMHPComprehensive Mental Health Plan (various states)
CMHPCumene Hydroperoxide
CMHPCanadian Maritime Helicopter Program (Canada)
CMHPCoalition MLS Hexagon Prototype (USJFCOM CINC initiative program)
CMHPContaminated Materials Handling Plan
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While agency staffing had always been minimal at CMHP, the solution has completely eliminated use of contract agency staffing.
In late 2011, SRMC will be moving into a new hospital, where Boys and Gorby see the scheduling and staffing solution being utilized by other departments and facilities within CMHP after completion of the move.
Por lo que respecta a la subescala SSPS-N correlaciono elevada y positivamente con el CMHP, el PRCS-M y el STAI-R.
Las variables independientes que utilizamos fueron las variables sociodemograficas sexo y edad, y todas las medidas utilizadas en el presente estudio: la puntuacion en el SSPS-P, el SSPS-N, el CMHP, el PRCS-M, el CAIP, el SAD, el BFNE, la ansiedad y la evitacion ante la TD, el BDI y el STAI-R.
The CMHP called parents or guardians of students who received an evaluation to report the student's emotional health status.
It was estimated that 5% of parents would require translation services for the CMHP phone call.
CMHP acts as an intermediary between low income potential homeowners and lenders, assisting low income borrowers from the point of expressing the dream of homeownership through loan closing and continued counselling after occupancy.
CMHP has a 20 member staff that carries out everything from screening applicants for homeowner counselling to the development of affordable housing subdivisions.
As a result of Rizer's leadership, CMHP and other area non-profit housing organizations have been able to increase the number of quality affordable housing homes available in the Charlotte housing market.
In addition, the Wachovia Foundation supports homeownership education at CMHP, as well as CMHP's HomeOwnership Center.
Atendiendo a los criterios establecidos por Cohen (1988) relativos a los tamanos del efecto, la correlacion obtenida entre el PRCS-M y medidas como el CMHP, el SSPS-N y el SISST-N fue elevada y positiva, y la hallada entre el PRCS- M y el SSPS-P fue elevada y negativa.
Tanto la subescala PRCS-MS como la PRCS-MR obtuvieron una correlacion elevada y positiva con el CMHP.