CMHRCentre for Mental Health Research (Australian National University, Canberra)
CMHRCanadian Museum for Human Rights (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)
CMHRCampaign for Mental Health Reform (mental health organization association)
CMHRChances Miniature Horse Rescue (Tucson, AZ)
CMHRCombustion Modified High Resiliance (UK fire safety standard for seat foam)
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In the words of CMHR spokesperson Angela Cassie, "a number of our Exhibits look at Metis history and Metis rights, but what we wanted to be able to do is provide a 75-minute tour that gets you from the bottom of the museum to the top to better understand the diversity of experiences and the efforts to reclaim and claim those rights".
When CMHR decided against using the term "genocide" to describe Canadas Aboriginal policies, Linklater said he found himself in an "emotionally tough time."
The CMHR, it may be said, purports to show the gradual revelation of earthly justice by law; closely identifying this universalism with the policies of the Canadian state.
There's deep irony here as well because the CMHR has focused on the very genocidal crimes--Hitler's Holocaust and Stalin's Holodomor (the Ukrainian famine of 19321933)--that erupted from the humanism the museum ostensibly celebrates.
Museum spokesperson Maureen Fitzhenry said, "For Winnipeggers, not only will they have the pride and benefit of having an international hub of human rights education in their city, but the CMHR will also have a significant impact on tourism and the economy." The project has already received acclamation and several awards, including the 2014 Global Best Project Award from Engineering-News Record (ENR).
Papers on CMHR foam were presented by researchers from the Shell Chemical Research Center in Belgium and Japan's Takeda Chemical Industries.
As a result, much of Winnipeg regards the CMHR with confusion rather than celebration.
Results from BS-5852 on a highly flame-retardant CMHR foam correlated very well with TB-133 results, Olin reports.
Two organizations, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) and the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation (WAF) have recently introduced new exhibits for their respective publics.
The Canadian Museum of Human Rights (CMHR), currently under construction in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is scheduled to open in 2014.
This experimental high performance polyol for combustion modified high-resilience (CMHR) foams has been shown to minimize or overcome several of the negative aspects of solid flame-retardant additives such as melamine.
In the last issue of the MHS Gazette editor Eva Janssen provided an excellent introduction to the recently opened Canadian Museum of Human Rights (CMHR).