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Zoho gives CMHSL librarians a well-supported interface to collect data.
The completed CMHSL Open Helix tutorial page <http:/ /www .
The annual average number of ILL requests borrowed for CMHSL at UVA patrons is approximately 3,000, and the annual average number of requests filled for other libraries is 12,500.
The CMHSL at UVA and the HSL at UNC-CH have had a strong and longstanding relationship.
At the CMHSL at UVA, the ILL supervisor, who was also planning to attend the conference, worked with the HSL at UNC-CH ILL department in advance to test connections and access.
According to the agreement, and as is the standard for ILL procedures, there will be no charge if either the CMHSL at UVA or the HSL at UNC-CH can fill the request from its own collection, however, charges will be incurred if another lending library fills the order and charges a fee.