CMHSRCenter for Mental Health Services Research (St. Louis, MO)
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The CMHSR has gathered a team of researchers from the fields of social work, anthropology, business, epidemiology, gerontology, health economics, health financing, health policy, hospital/health administration, public administration, public health, library science, linguistics, industrial engineering, mathematics, biostatistics, medicine, psychiatry, nursing, psychology (clinical, counseling, developmental, industrial/organizational, systems, and quantitative), and sociology.
The RMC is shaped by the CMHSR's scientific aims, its conceptualization of quality of care (Megivern et al., 2007), and the state of knowledge about mental health in the social services.
The Data Management Unit (DMU) provides six services and supports to CMHSR projects: (1) data management applications and resources, (2) software selection and training, (3) data quality control, (4) data security, (5) data management training, and (6) data monitoring plans.
The CMHSR research agenda involves a number of complexities that require top-rate statistical consultation, analysis, and innovation.
Fully funded projects are expected to sufficiently budget their data management and statistical analysis, but the CMHSR budget meets the needs of pilot projects and often supplements the statistical methods of small grants (R03s, R21s) with capped budgets.
Since its designation as an advanced center, the CMHSR has developed a qualitative research methods unit to facilitate state-of-the-art qualitative methods.
Even though other schools may possess fewer fiscal resources or human capital to draw upon for center development purposes, they may benefit from the CMHSR experience.