CMIECChina Metallurgical Import and Export Company
CMIECCanadian Music Industry Education Committee
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The CMIEC grou in particular made a habit of changing their chief negotiator for each trip and sometimes between meetings.
They had specific groups dealing with separate sections of the proposals, which is to be expected in these circumstances, but they also had a special negotiation group, CMIEC, whose purpose according to advisers is to lower the price of offers.
In addition to the assistance that the CMIEC provides to OMEA with many aspects of our annual conference, they also support scholarships for high school and post-secondary students.
I hope all of you enjoyed the many concerts, clinicians and workshops that were offered at Momentum 2013 conference in Niagara Falls, and also had a chance to visit our CMIEC partners at the Industry Display area
We are grateful to the CMIEC and the Humber Jazz students for a terrific opening night.