CMIFCouncil of Michigan Foundations (est. 1973)
CMIFCenter for Multisource Information Fusion
CMIFComplex Mode Indicator Function
CMIFCareer Management Individual File (US Army)
CMIFCover Me I'm Fouled (polite form; hand signal used when in trouble)
CMIFCreative Musicians Improvisors Forum, Inc.
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The operational approach, due to the fact that it is easy to implement and that it allows authors to completely control the final presentation, is the most often adopted by the existing systems, such as Macromedia Director, ZyX (Boll & Klas, 2001), MET++ (Ackermann, 1994), and CMIF (Hardman & al.
CMIF is a system-independent representation of multimedia presentations (Hardman, Rossum, & Bulterman, 1993b).
CMIF Chairman Yu Zhen predicted continuous high growth for the industry and new records for its major products in 2004.