CMIMChiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization (currency swap)
CMIMCommercialisation Maintenance Industrielle Médicale (French: Medical Industrial Maintenance Marketing)
CMIMCentre de Marseille pour l'Intégration en Méditerranée (French: Marseille Center for Mediterranean Integration; Marseille, France)
CMIMCaisse Mutualiste Interprofessionnelle Marocaine (French: Moroccan Mutual Interprofessional Pension Fund)
CMIMClickBank Multi-Item Manager
CMIMCentral Major Incident Manager (various companies)
CMIMCentre de Médiation Interentreprises de la Moselle (French business mediation center)
CMIMChamber Music in the Mountains (Tucson, AZ)
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The CMIM, launched in 2010, refers to the $ 240 billion pool that can be tapped through currency swap deals in times of financial crisis.
Each EMR is related to a DRG record.[5] Although CMIM annually organized all kinds of the trainings and the assessments of the medical record coding, the integrity and accuracy of EMR first page were considerably lower in most hospitals without DRGs-PPS, which would influence the diagnosis coding of each patient, so the unified medical standard system, especially diagnosis-coding system, should be improved, and intensive training on filling in EMR first page should be requested for each physician.
Table 2 Reliability test (N= 152) Factors Number of items Cronbach's alpha Cost allocation capability - CAC 8 0.85 Internal cost information transmission - ICIT 4 0.71 Operational competitiveness of the organization - OCO 4 0.78 Cost management improvement margin - CMIM 3 0.72 All items 0.82 Source: Calculated using data from questionnaires distributed to external and internal accounting departments of educational institutes in Greece.
(46.) The CMIM represented an expansion and consolidation of the earlier CMI.
Delay of the 2010 reforms lent weight to those who wish to develop alternatives, however, and those alternatives--unilateral (reserve accumulation) and collective (the CMIM and CRA) have emerged.
Anwar Nasution, former deputy governor of Indonesia's central bank, acknowledges, gThe size of the swap facility (ASA and CMI) is still insignificantly added to the financial resources available to the countries in the region to help ease their liquidity needs.h One could, of course, reply that the very existence of the CMIM, backed as it is by foreign-exchange-rich countries, has helped prevent a repetition of 1997-8 in East Asia.
The CMIM has a larger standby liquidity support amounting to $240 billion, of which the Philippines has a committed contribution of $9.1 billion.
Like CMIM, the assistance the CRA provides is divided into two scales: one is called 'the IMF-linked portion', which means a borrowing party can have above 30% of its maximum access to borrowing only under the conditions that it follows the CRA regulation and is approved by other members, and also meets the IMF's conditions for loan.
However, Hill and Menon's discussion of whether the CMIM is a complement or an alternative to IMF (pp.
Among the five cases, only the second, exchange rate cooperation through the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization (CMIM), has shown any real progress in the second stage of institution-building.
The amended regional financial cooperation, known as Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization (CMIM) Agreement, doubled the size of the currency swap to USD 240 billion from USD 120 billion, the ministry said.
Examples of the existing institutions include the original Chiang Mai Initiative -- which has evolved into the 10+3 foreign-exchange reserves pool established by the Association of South-East Asian Nations (Asean) plus China, Japan and the Republic of Korea, with a size of $240 billion, called CMIM, or Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralisation -- and the smaller-scale Fondo Latinoamericano de Reserva (FLAR).