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CMINContrast Media-Induced Nephropathy
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The resulting goodness of fit for VR with narrated video was CMIN 74.
The analysis of the proposed model was carried out for nine operational versions that take into account the inclusion, one at a time, of the nine measures of ownership concentration (T1, T1V, T5, T5V, TG, TGV, H5, H5V, and CMIN, all defined in Appendix).
Overall model fit indices for measurement model CMIN df TLI CFI RMSEA (90% Confidence Interval) Measurement Model 121.
CMIN relies on two undiscovered channels of mineralization to improve its business development.
Table 3 Model Fit Summary NFI/ RF1 Model NPAR CMIN DF P CMIN/DF delta1 rho1 Default 42 144.
The majority of patients with CMIN tend to be nonoliguric except those with pre-existing advanced chronic renal failure.
Although the CMIN value of the modified structural model was 1.
To date, CMIN has completed 53 holes of its Phase II, 100-hole drill program in Gold Sands Drill Grid 1 (GSDG1).
p Credibilidad Confianza 0,938 10,981 0,000 Benevolencia Confianza 0,936 9,837 0,000 CF8 Confianza 0,953 CF1 Credibilidad 0,840 CF2 Credibilidad 0,862 10,556 0,000 CF3 Credibilidad 0,841 10,158 0,000 CF4 Benevolencia 0,789 CF5 Benevolencia 0,878 9,913 0,000 CF6 Benevolencia 0,888 10,074 0,000 CF7 Benevolencia 0,834 9,256 0,000 RESULTADOS DEL AJUSTE DEL MODELO DE MEDIDA CMIN = 21,801 (p = 0,241) GFI = 0,946 RMSEA = 0,047 PGFI = 0.
275) were used and measures were selectively assessed as of the following: Chi-square statistic (CMIN), degrees of freedom (DF), CMIN divided by DF (CMIN/DF), goodness of fit index (GFI), adjusted goodness of fit index (AGFI), normed fit index (NFI), and root mean square of approximation (RMSEA).
Tickers featured: AA, AAUK, AL, ATI, BHP, CMIN, CRS, NUE, PY, ROCK, RS, RT, RTP, STLD, STTX, TG, WOR, X.
The model 2 found to be good fit as it yielded a good fit of CMIN = 6.