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CMINContrast Media-Induced Nephropathy
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The results showed that the single-factor model fit indices of the perceived sense of betrayal scale were as follows: chi square (CMIN) = 7.374, df = 5, CMIN/df = 1.475, RMSEA = .045, NFI = .988, IFI = .996, CFI = .996, and GFI = .988, demonstrating good validity.
The CMIN value is 4.963 which is less than 5 and RMSEA is0.063 which is also between 0.05 and 0.08 with GFI, NFI and CFI above 0.90 levels.
[35] indicated that a lower CMIN value lying between 1 and 3, it indicates a good fit with the conceptual model and the data.
The measured maximum total concentration (Cmax) of ertapenem at steady state was 106.66 mg/L and through concentration (Cmin) 3.38 mg/L.
Table 2 displays some of the model fit indices of CFA, which are the discrepancy function Chi-square/df (CMIN), goodness of fit index (GFI), comparative fit index (CFI), and root mean square error of approximation (RMSEA).
The smaller one is defined as Cmin and the larger Cmax
(22) Undergoes extensive first-pass metabolism with resulting low oral bioavailability of 5% (22) Carbamazepine Yes AUC increased 41 %, Cmax increased 40%, Cmin increased 39% (23) Clomipramine No Case report of increased ratio of clomipramine: desmethylclomipramine in 2 pediatric patients (24) Clozapine No No interaction found (25) Diazepam No AUC increased x 3.2, Cmax increased x 1.5 (26) Fluoxetine No Mild serotonin syndrome suggested by a case report (27) Fluvoxamine No AUC increased x 1.6, Cmax increased x 1.3 (28) Flaloperidol No No interaction found (29) Lurasidone Yes No data on effect of grapefruit on lurasidone disposition.
Cmin = Minimum fluid capacitance rate (Btuh/[degrees]F)
Estimate SE t value P value a 4.284 0.052 81.704 <0.0001 b -3.704 0.730 -5.072 <0.0001 c -0.374 0.022 -16.870 <0.0001 Log of total time (cmin-[m.sup.3]) = a + b x LV + c x OP, where cmin = min x [10.sup.-2], inclusive of all other time and delays; LV = log volume ([m.sup.3]); OP = operators (n); SE = standard error.