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CMIPCommon Management Information Protocol
CMIPCoupled Model Intercomparison Project
CMIPCenter for Monitoring the Impact of Peace
CMIPCommon Management Interface Protocol
CMIPComprehensive Medicaid Integrity Plan (US DHHS)
CMIPCorporate Management Information Program
CMIPCanadian Milk-recording Information (Project)
CMIPCapability Maintenance and Improvements Project (US DOE)
CMIPCorrective Measure Implementation Plan (quality control)
CMIPCash Management Investment Pool
CMIPCommand Model Installation Program
CMIPCurrent Month Invoicing Process (Sprint)
CMIPClient Mobile Internet Protocol
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Saudi Arabia: CMIP analysis of 93 school textbooks (1999-2001)
In regard to school textbooks in Saudi Arabia, the CMIP survey broadened its perspective to include the outlook on Christianity and the West.
With regard to the work by Mustafa Dabbagh, CMIP would like to clarify the following points: (1) Our Country Palestine was not originally printed in 1947.
Also, one of the copies of Our Country Palestine that was used by CMIP during its research came from the library of one of the intermediate schools of Hebron.
CMIP has contributed to the evolution and progress of climate science since the mid-1990s, when it was first organized by the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Working Group on Coupled Modelling (WGCM).
Such estimates are difficult to make with the relatively small ensemble size represented by the CMIP program and may require the use of targeted statistical approaches.
Silvio Renzi, Wisor Telecom's Director of Marketing & Business Development, explains "ICPs are not as willing as traditional carriers to spend exorbitant amounts of money to create CMIP interfaces for LNP.
They were the first company to port OSI protocols to SONET, the first to develop a TL1 to CMIP translation and the creators of TARP - a key SONET standard.
OpenMaster technology allows management applications to seamlessly view and access CORBA-based and Java-based resources in addition to the traditionally managed resources (SNMP, CMIP, or proprietary).
Vertel already possesses expertise in standards-based management technologies such as CMIP, TL1, SNMP and most recently, CORBA.
TMNTelecore2 expands Vertel's proven technology to encompass management interfaces not only for CMIP, but TL1, SNMP, CORBA IDL and proprietary interfaces.