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CMIPCommon Management Information Protocol
CMIPCoupled Model Intercomparison Project
CMIPCenter for Monitoring the Impact of Peace
CMIPCommon Management Interface Protocol
CMIPComprehensive Medicaid Integrity Plan (US DHHS)
CMIPCorporate Management Information Program
CMIPCanadian Milk-recording Information (Project)
CMIPCapability Maintenance and Improvements Project (US DOE)
CMIPCorrective Measure Implementation Plan (quality control)
CMIPCash Management Investment Pool
CMIPCommand Model Installation Program
CMIPCurrent Month Invoicing Process (Sprint)
CMIPClient Mobile Internet Protocol
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FlowThru will integrate components that address multiple aspects of the Fault-Configuration-Accounting-Performance-Security (FCAPS) functional areas which are designed according to both TINA and TMN architectural guidelines and deployed on either CORBA, CMIP or SNMP technology platforms.
The joint TeleManagement Forum/Open Group specification (sometimes known as JIDM -- Joint Inter Domain Management) supports translation and interworking between CORBA, CMIP and SNMP management environments.
To date such a tool has not been available for CMIP managed devices.
The CORBA Gateway provides management access to CMIP- and SNMP-based equipment from CORBA and from a multitude of communications and programming interfaces including CMIP, C++ and Java.
The CMIP Manager has been deployed at several locations worldwide, including for ADC Telecommunications, who is using it to manage its Homeworx(TM) Hybrid Fiber/Coax (HFC) components.
A unique feature of LNP WebLink is that it uses a Web-based (HTTP) interface with the NPAC SMS instead of the costly CMIP interface.
The OSIAM TMN product line includes CMIP Agent Toolkit, FTAM , X.
As evidenced by the company's growing portfolio of successful mediation implementations, Vertel's position in the multi-management solutions market is supported by its expertise in standards-based management technologies such as CMIP, TL1, SNMP and most recently, CORBA.
By sharing information and resources, the Q-Adapter Consortium can speed the migration to CMIP without a massive drain of resources from each vendor.
By combining Wisor's Service Management Solution (Wisor SMS) with our LNP WebLink product, ICPs now have a simple, cost effective and highly efficient alternative to much more costly existing CMIP solutions" explained Peter McGuire, President & CEO of TSE.
CORBA-compliant applications can also interoperate with those supporting other communications standards, including DCOM, SNMP and CMIP.