CMIRCenter for Molecular Imaging Research
CMIRCurrency and Monetary Instrument Report
CMIRCommon Mode Input Range
CMIRCell-Mediated Immune Response (immunology)
CMIRCertified Manager of Investment Recovery
CMIRCellular, Molecular and Integrative Reproduction (National Institutes of Health)
CMIRCommon Management Information Repository
CMIRCarter Maximum Incremental Reactivity
CMIRCustomer Material Info Record (SAP)
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If the HPC embarks on a CMIR of any proposed transaction, it must issue a preliminary report and identify any provider entity that has a dominant market share for the services it provides, charges prices for services that are materially higher than the median prices charged by other providers, and has a health-status-adjusted Total Medical Expenditures ("TME") that is materially higher than the median for other providers.
Various methods are there to assess cell mediated immune response (CMIR) like lymphocytic migration inhibition test, phytohemagglutination inhibition test, Adenosine De Aminase (ADA) estimation.
(55) Further, neither method nor amount triggered Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs), or Reports of International Transactions of Currency or Monetary Instruments (CMIRs).
Even Feige (2002) admits that it is very difficult to estimate FCC for a large number of countries based on CMIR:
-- A strategic, broad research collaboration to further the field of molecular imaging and test cutting-edge imaging applications in laboratory models and clinical studies with the CMIR at Massachusetts General Hospital.
For example, one might expect that the still high inflation rate in Uzbekistan (see below) and the existence of a black market should result in significant cash dollarisation, yet the CMIR measure shows Uzbekistan as one of the less cash-dollarised FSU countries.
Taking the midpoint of this range of estimates gives us a way of assigning an end-of-year value for the share abroad for any method for which we have flow data; for example, we derive an extreme range of 49 percent to 71 percent for the shipments proxy (see note 25), the midpoint of which is 60 percent.(26) Overall, the shares of currency held abroad at year-end 1995 as derived from the flow-based estimates range from the low of 17 percent for the CMIR statistics to a high of 60 percent using the shipments proxy.
The Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act (also known as the 'Bank Secrecy Act') requires persons or institutions importing or exporting currency or other monetary instruments in amounts exceeding 10,000 to file a Report of International Transportation of Currency or Monetary Instruments (CMIR).
Customs a Currency and Monetary Instrument Report (CMIR) when taking sums greater than $10,000 across U.S.