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After warming up, athletes performed CMJs with a near-weightless (<1 kg) PVC pipe held across their shoulders.
e dat.), Estudo de Alentejano, Bronze, 15,4 x 12,4 x 16,4 cm, CMJS 100.
Immediately following the intervention, participants performed three CMJs on the Just Jump Mat System[R], then completed the SEBT and BESS, in the same sequence as prior to the intervention.
Baseline measurements that consisted of 3 CMJs at maximal effort, 2 minutes apart, were recorded for each subject.
That has to be worth two points considering the esteemed CMJ's standing in the game.
It included a wide battery of tests comprising maximal speed (30-m sprint), COD movements, and horizontal and vertical jumping tests (CMJs and SBJs), which are commonly used in soccer training.
(23) A squat jump is primarily a concentric action, whereas CMJ utilizes eccentric actions and a fast stretch-shortening cycle (SSC).
This study assessed the contribution of forceful arm swing during the eccentric and concentric phases of the countermovement jump (CMJ), in order to determine the effect on CMJ performance.
After a warm-up of 5 min cycling at a moderate intensity, subjects performed CMJs and SJs, from which we determined jump height.
Despite the decrease in jump height, the fatigued jumps of the present study were performed with the same relative timing of total contact duration, which is in agreement with previous studies reporting insignificant changes of the eccentric and concentric contact phases in fatigued CMJs (Rodacki et al., 2002).
Once in the laboratory, each subject performed a warm-up that included low intensity running, dynamic stretching and 3 sets of 4 submaximal CMJs with 2-3 min of recovery between sets.