CMKIChristine M Kleinert Institute
CMKICasavant Mining Kimberlite International
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It is a fair assessment that by working together, both companies benefit, wherein CMKI provides TrendSetter an edge in competitive bidding situations; TSSP provides proprietary, solar technology in an un-crowded energy space that also helps the Federal Government fulfill its '5% green mandate quota.
CMKI management is very pleased to be operating in an area of significant diamond potential and within a climate where Canadian diamonds are receiving deserved intense international attention.
While continuing to focus on Fort a la Corne, CMKI is remaining proactive in expanding their asset base through target acquisition elsewhere in Canada.
Second, CMKI will be contacting the broker-dealer and market maker community to request their cooperation in the shareholder audit.
Third, CMKI has been informed that majority shareholders plan on holding their shares in certificate form indefinitely if it helps the Company combat "naked short selling".
Fourth, CMKI, as previously announced, plans on approving at its majority shareholder meeting a mandatory share and cash dividend policy.
Fifth, CMKI believes that its shareholders and the targeted company's shareholders will best benefit from a "cross-dividend" policy.
Sixth, CMKI believes that its cross-dividend policy will result in share dividends being issued in the 3Q03.
Seventh, CMKI believes that its acquisition strategy, spearheaded by the Casavant Family, will require the addition of a seasoned management team.
David Bending, president of Juina Mining Corporation, is a nominee for president of CMKI, which will be among the matters to be considered at the AGM.
It is further anticipated in the third and fourth quarter of 2003 inclusive of the capital stock dividends, CMKI will pay 10% in cash dividends for three years.
CMKI is scheduled to purchase $500,000 of Dia Bras common shares representing 40% in addition to $250,000 of warrants which will purchase an additional 20% of the common voting stock.