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Table 8 shows that the CMLC method has smallest RMSE and Bias while CEC method has the largest RMSE and Bias values.
To compare the performance of different methods in trivariate distribution, 15-day volumes were estimated by CMLC and CEC method, respectively, based on peak discharges and 7-day volumes.
All of these results demonstrate that the CMLC method performs best for analyzing the inherent relationship between flood peak and volumes.
In this study, the general formulae of CMLC and CEC methods were proposed and developed to consider the relationship between the flood peaks and volumes.
The results of case study in Danjiangkou reservoir demonstrate that the CMLC method performs best while the CEC method performs worst.
3) The proposed CMLC method not only has strong statistical basis, but also has rational results with unique composition scheme and will provide a new approach for derivation of design flood hydrograph.
Because of their continuing partnership with the CMLC, CLS allows credit toward their certificates for any previously taken NCMA courses.
NCMA is proud of the tremendous value the launch of the new CMLC brings to membership.
Although this CMLC is a newly announced member resource, this virtual community was developed through a two-year market analysis.
NCMA developed the CMLC to address the demands of time and attention that are placed on NCMA members in their daily professional routines.
First and foremost, the CMLC is designed to be your ultimate resource.
Second, the CMLC connects individual members to others in the acquisition community who share a common interest.