CMLEClassical Music Lovers' Exchange
CMLEContinuing Medical Laboratory Education (American Society for Clinical Pathology)
CMLECentre of Medical Law and Ethics (UK)
CMLECentral Minnesota Libraries Exchange
CMLEComputer Mediated Learning Environment
CMLEConditional Maximum-Likelihood Estimate
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Furthermore, in a pilot study, this algorithm, called complementary limb motion estimation (CMLE), was applied to control an active knee exoprosthesis.
Acronyms ANOVA: Analysis of variance ABC: Approximate Bayesian computation CMLE: Constrained maximum likelihood estimator CUMUF: Cumulative material unaccounted for DA: Destructive analysis EMP: Enrichment meter principle FRAM: Fixed-energy, response function analysis with multiple efficiencies for gamma spectroscopy GUM: Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement MB, MUF: Material balance and material unaccounted for are synonyms NDA: Nondestructive analysis NMA: Nuclear material accounting RSD: Relative standard deviation RMSE: Root-mean-square error SQ: Significant quantity SITMUF: Standardized independently transformed MUF UQ: Uncertainty quantification: top-down UQ is empirical and bottom-up UQ is first-principles UNCL: Uranium neutron coincidence collar.
CMLE and WiLS surveyed their members on communication preferences and used feedback to craft new communication plans that are very responsive to library desires.
* CMLE provides community to small, isolated libraries with a rotating feature that gathers input on a question from other libraries in similar situations.
* CMLE has weekly production meetings to plan communication topics.
Under the CMLE, the likelihood function can be obtained as follows:
Under the alternate of heterogeneity, the conditional maximum likelihood estimator (CMLE) is consistent, whereas the MLE is inconsistent.
Participation is recognized for the completion of a CE course or program by the awarding of either a contact hour (CH), a continuing medical laboratory education (CMLE) unit, or a continuing education unit (CEU).