CMLRCentre for Mined Land Rehabilitation (The University of Queensland, Australia)
CMLRCore Mass-Luminosity Relation
CMLRCentre for Management of Local Resources (Pune, India)
CMLRCommon Market Law Report (legal journal)
CMLRCanadian Modern Language Review
CMLRCommissie Milieuhygiene Luchtvaartterrein Rotterdam (Dutch: Environmental Protection Commission of Rotterdam Aerodrome; Rotterdam, Netherlands)
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Commission, [1991] ECR 1-3359, 5 CMLR 215 (1993), the European Court determined that predation can be presumed if a dominant firm sets prices below average variable costs.
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Commission (56/64, 58/64) [1966] ECR [1966] CMLR 418.
consent to establish Coach Mid-Life Rehabilitation Workshop, Alampur Road, Distt-Kurnool, (Andhra Pradesh) from Andhra Pradesh Pollution control board in connection with setting up of Mid-Life Rehabilitation Workshop, Alampur Road, Distt-Kurnool, (Andhra Pradesh) to undertake CMLR of 200 Coaches per annum.