CMLTCourse in Medical Laboratory Technology (various universities)
CMLTCoastal Mountains Land Trust (Rockport, ME)
CMLTCitigroup Mortgage Loan Trust (Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.)
CMLTCarrollton Manor Land Trust (Maryland)
CMLTComputational Methods in Lie Theory (mathematics)
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Within the repack transaction, the weighted average life of the Underlying CMLT Certificate is 1.5 years, assuming a CDR of 0% and CPR of 0%.
The CMLT and TSLT were identified on sagittal images after dividing each vertebral level (vertebral body with its corresponding disc space) into four parts: upper third, middle third, lower third, and the intervertebral disc space (Figure 1).
The most proximal location of the CMLT was at the upper third of T12, whereas the most distal location was at the upper third of L2.
The Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, a measure of the linear dependence between two variables, was measured between the CMLT and TSLT and showed a positive significant medium correlation ([r.sup.2] = 0.32; P = 0.0012) (Figure 4).
Since that time, most of our anatomy teaching was based on cadaveric studies with wide unexplained variations in the CMLT and TSLT ranging from T12 to L3 [9] and L5 to S3 12], respectively.
In our study, we found that the most common site of CMLT was at the upper third of L1 in 32.6% of the cases and that of TS was at the middle third of S2 in 29.8% of the cases.
The National Institute of Health (NIH) organized an awareness seminar for medical professionals, paramedical staff and students of the College of Medical Laboratories Technology (CMLT).