CMLTCarrollton Manor Land Trust (Maryland)
CMLTComputational Methods in Lie Theory (mathematics)
CMLTCoastal Mountains Land Trust (Rockport, ME)
CMLTCourse in Medical Laboratory Technology (various universities)
CMLTCitigroup Mortgage Loan Trust (Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.)
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The Re-REMIC transaction's six other underlying bonds, BSCM 2007-PWR15, JPMC 2007-LDP11, WBCMT 2007-C33, CMLT 2008-LS1, LBCMT 2007-C3 and MSCI 2007-IQ14 are not rated by Fitch.
Credit enhancement for the class A-4A-B is approximately 50% and is provided by the structural support of the following underlying transactions: BACM 2007-3, CMLT 2008-LS1, BACM 2007-2, MSC 2007-HQ13, LBCMT 2007-C3, and the subordinate certificates.
The negative rating actions on the 2005 through 2007 vintage CMLT transactions are because of current trends in the relationship between serious delinquency (DQ) and credit enhancement.