CMLVCherry Mottle Leaf Virus
CMLVCellules Musculaires Lisses Vasculaires (French: Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell)
CMLVComitato Maria Letizia Verga (Italian: Maria Letizia Verga Committee)
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Chapters 1 and 2 introduce the two sets of countries and spell out the conceptual parameters, Chapters 2 to 5 deal with the CMLV countries, and Chapters 6 and 7 with Central Europe.
Both sets of countries have seen a massive influx of foreign investments in many industries in the last two decades with serious repercussions for national identity; for instance in special economic zones in the CMLV countries where national sovereignty has been compromised in order to lure investments (pp.
Chapter 6, however, while concerned with Central Europe, includes an important statement related to three principal Central European public policy successes relative to the CMLV countries (p.
However, Pakistan's Islamic card may also be useful in its relations with multi-religious countries with Muslim minorities such as Singapore, Thailand and the CMLV states.
CMLV, camelpox virus; CPXV, cowpox virus; ECTV, ectromelia virus; MPXV, monkeypox virus; OPV, orthopoxvirus; RACV, raccoonpox virus; TATV, taterapox virus; VACV, vaccinia virus; VARV, variola virus.
India's focus on Thailand and the CMLV states highlights the fact that geographical proximity has a large influence in India's "Look East" policy because the Southeast Asian states, in particular those along the Mekong River, are also strategically important to China.
(42) ASEAN members, such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, are able to counter piracy attacks with modern equipment, weaponry, and trained personnel but the CMLV states such as Vietnam suffer from a scarcity of resources in this area.
For example, the bilateral cooperation between India's infrastructure sector in road, bridge and railway development among the CMLV states has strategic significance, but also earns India kudos from fellow Asian developing countries.
The resultant phylogenetic tree (Figure 2A) depicts several highly supported clusters including monophyletic VACV, MPXV, VARV, and camelpox virus (CMLV) assemblages.