CMMGCenter for Molecular Medicine and Genetics (Wayne State University; Detroit, MI)
CMMGCoalition of Manitoba Motorcycle Groups (Canada)
CMMGCivilian Manpower Management Guide
CMMGConsumer Media and Magazines Group (PRIMEDIA)
CMMGComité de Mujeres Mayas de Guatemala (Spanish: Women's Committee of Mayan Guatemala)
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Another nice thing about having a CMMG .22 LR conversion is that it fits nicely in any bug-out kit (or in your pocket for that matter); it's almost like having another gun.
CMMG has tackled this problem head-on by including a stronger, more durable AR10 bolt face.
I picked up my CMMG dedicated 9mm AR-15 receiver at my local gun shop, BHS Guns in Ohio City, Ohio.
Melvin Castro, Confraternity of Mary Mediatrix of AllGrace (CMMG) director general and founder, urged Catholics not to be ashamed of their Marian devotion.
The CMMG Banshee series can be chambered in any of 10 cartridges ranging from .22LR to .458 SOCOM.
But the engineers at Winchester and CMMG have decided to change all that with their new Resolute rifle chambered in .350 Legend.
I have a few comments regarding Jake Edmondson's article in the December/January issue on the CMMG MkG GUARD DRB2.
Packing the equivalent of a .45-70 round in a mid-sized AR platform is routine at CMMG, which, this year, offers three refined models of their hog-slaying "Anvil" in .458 SOCOM caliber.
On a subsequent range trip, I put the Saker 762 on the barrel of a CMMG .300 Blackout.
Many manufacturers including CMMG, LWRCI, and Rock River Arms offer factory rifles with solid color Cerakote finishes.
One particularly interesting new model chambered in 6.5mm Grendel is CMMG's MkW-15 XLR2.
AS SHOOTING TIMES HAS REPORTED many times, the folks at CMMG are an innovative bunch.