CMMNCanadian Migration Monitoring Network
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Since 2006, the founders of Filogiciel have developed their expertise based on BPM and Case Management state-of-the-art standards, such as BPMN, CMMN, DMN, Archimate and others.
Mr Tao Libao, Chief Operating Officer of CMMN, says, "I'm very glad to work with Channel NewsAsia and TRA on this project.
Since its establishment, CMMN has been producing more than 2000 hours of TV programs including talk shows, studio entertainment and reality shows in the Chinese language for international media companies and domestic channels, such as StarTV Mandarin Channel, MTV China, China Entertainment TV, Travel Satellite Channel and Tianjin Satellite Channel.
Trisotech's CMMN Modeler, part of the Digital Enterprise Suite, allows to create case models using a web-based application.
The current standards of OMG[TM] and other organizations are base of our approach - from BMM, SBVR to BPMN, DMN, CMMN, UML, SysML, and more.