CMMRComputer Music Modeling and Retrieval (symposium)
CMMRCenter for Multilingual, Multicultural Research
CMMRCanadian Mouse Mutant Repository
CMMRCore Model Minimum Requirement (US Marine Corps)
CMMRCommon Modular Multimode Radar
CMMRConfirmed and Made a Matter of Record
CMMRCommom-Mode Rejection Ratio (electronics)
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Figure 1 shows our proposed CMMR framework with working mechanisms.
Estacas enraizadas (EE), sobrevivencia de estacas (SE), numero de brotos por estaca (NBE), comprimento medio da maior raiz (CMMR), massa seca da parte aerea (MSPA) e massa seca da raiz (MSR) de estacas de Alternanthera dentate em funcao das doses de IBA, tipos de estacas e epoca de cultivo.
This signal was amplified by the instrumentation amplifier which has 20 dB voltage gain and 110 dB common mode rejection ratio (CMMR).
The EMG rectified signals of the trapezius muscle were obtained by surface Ag/AgCl (10x20 mm) differential-type electrodes with inter-electrode capture distance of 20 mm and a pre-amplification of 20-fold, and send to the amplifier (frequency range: 20-500 Hz; noise signal rate: 3 [micro]V RMS; CMMR: 100 dB), which has a gain of a factor of 50, achieving a gain of 1,000 for the EMG signal.
Pass band of EMG amplifier, sampling rate, maximum inter-electrode impedance and CMMR were 10-500 Hz, 5000 Hz, 5 K[OMEGA] and 120 dB respectively.
Researchers and composers involved in musical analysis, synthesis, and modeling will find related topics at the 7th International Symposium on Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval (CMMR).
Intersil said that the ISL28470 instrumentation amplifier, part of the company's new pinPOINT precision analog product line, delivers accuracy with an industry-leading maximum offset voltage of +/-150 microvolts and typical CMMR (common mode rejection ratio) of 110 dB.
Fuller also was instrumental in the establishment of the Center for Meaningful Medicaid Reform (CMMR), a resource for communications, policy summaries and information on Medicaid reform.
38894 of 1999), Print $2371, Justice Guidice, VP Ross, Cmmr Lewin, January 12.
In conclusion, MASLI-style magma chambers were common in the early stages of the development of the CMMR However, the younger Devonian plutons, here exemplified by the MWG, may also have crystallized in dynamic, hybrid magma chambers as implied from complex the feldspar population and enclave textures described here.
Input characteristics feature CMMR typically >90 dB at 60 Hz, crosstalk <84 dB, phase match [+ or -]0.50, input protection [+ or -]250 V, and 0.05% accuracy.