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CMMSComputerized Maintenance Management Software
CMMSCenter for Medicare and Medicaid Services
CMMSConceptual Model of the Mission Space
CMMSCenter for Multilingual Multicultural Studies
CMMSCentre for Mechanics of Micro-Systems
CMMSCorps Materiel Management System
CMMSComprehensive Military Medical Surveillance
CMMSCentral Maine Morning Sentinel
CMMSComputerized Maintenance Management System (aka Computer Maintenance Mangement System)
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The company CMMS Data Group was founded to help Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) users regardless of what CMMS they were using.
When we submit our bids, our technical proposals extol the virtues of professional 'asset management' utilising our in-house CMMS system Total Asset Manager (TAM) but this often proves to be of little interest to the client at presentation stage.
CMMS Enterprise clients include major mining and oil companies in Peru.
The novel CMMS is able to determine an optimal maintenance date characterised by the minimum sum of maintenance cost and potential cost of a production stop.
A CMMS is not just a means of controlling maintenance; it is one of the primary tools that improves the productivity of maintenance.
A Facilities department may run a CMMS while a business office keeps track of capital planning with a different type of software.
If your organization is ready to implement a new CMMS, make sure you update the bill of materials, standard job plans, equipment numbering, and asset numbering in the old system.
The project executive also handles work-order close-out, which includes ensuring all required inspections are accomplished and all job order accounting and work data are input into the CMMS.
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) has been lacking in CMMS software offerings until now.
Chris Richardson, Director of Corporate Sales and Tim Miller, AMD Director of Operations agree that the overall usability of FaciliWorks Desktop CMMS has been substantially streamlined in version 8.
In the early days of the CMMS industry, most software vendors that pursued this marketplace offered only maintenance-management solutions for plants and facilities.
CMMS can also be used to publish work schedules, balance work against the craftsmen available and keep track of all work.