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CMNCertificate of Medical Necessity
CMNCanadian Museum of Nature
CMNConstructions Mécaniques de Normandie (French: Mechanical Construction of Normandy; shipyard; Cherbourg, France)
CMNCommunity Mapping Network
CMNCasablanca, Morocco - Mohamed V (Airport Code)
CMNCommon Information
CMNCepstral Mean Normalization (algorithm)
CMNCongenital Melanocytic Nevus
CMNCall Me Now
CMNCertificate of Medical Need
CMNCongenital Motor Nystagmus
CMNCantel Industries, Inc (stock symbol)
CMNCry More Noob (gaming clan)
CMNChurch Media Net
CMNConfiguration Management Network
CMNConflict Management and Negotiation
CMNConference Mixer Network
CMNCorps Musical Nivellois (Belgium)
CMNCentre Maritime de Nantes (French: Maritime Centre of Nantes; Nantes, France)
CMNChildren's Miracle Network (since 1983; Salt Lake City, Utah)
CMNClub du Mâtin de Nâples (French: Neapolitan Mastiff Club)
CMNCulinary Media Network (shows)
CMNCrisis Management Network (various locations)
CMNCentre de Médecine Naturelle de Spa (French: Natural Medicine and Spa Center; Belgium)
CMNChambre des Métiers et Négoces (French: Chamber of Crafts and Trade; Belgium)
CMNCollege Media Network
CMNCoalition Military Network (US DoD)
CMNCentre des Monuments Nationaux (French: National Monuments Center)
CMNCreative Muslim Network (UK)
CMNCatalogue des Manuscrits Notés des Bibliothèques Publiques de France (French: Catalogue of Rated Manuscripts of Public Libraries in France)
CMNCharleville Mézières Natation (French swimming club)
CMNCarrières de la Montagne Noire (French: Career of the Black Mountain; est.1956)
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RE/MAX Miracle Agents, Offices and Teams help make a significant impact on the lives of children treated at CMN Hospitals.
Regarding the local nature of the event, Amanda Lancour, program manager for CMN Hospitals at the Marshfield Children's Hospital, said: "Locations on a local level choose to participate in 'Miracle Treat Day'.
Malignant transformation of CMN certainly should be recognized, but the morbidity of overdiagnosis also needs to be considered.
The SacTown Run presentation of $505,000 to CMN Hospitals.
The initial idea for CMN came about 20 years ago when founding partner Jeff Price was working with Great Ormond Street Hospital Radio in the UK.
The CMN acquisition fits perfectly with Primea[euro](tm)s operations and its overall strategic agenda, Stovell noted.
Jodi, Merseyside Women of the Year in 2006, said: "I truly believe that it is because of my CMN, and not in spite of my CMN, that I have managed to reach my full potential and experience so many once-in-alifetime opportunities.
The [chi square]-test was employed to compare the antibacterial activities of CIN, CLV and CMN, based on the bacterial growth (in terms of CFU/ml) at different concentrations and at different time intervals.
Due to the huge interest and to the joy of Apple fans, you can find CMN application for iPhone now at App Store, which we provide completely free again," said Yair Gelfer, CEO of CallMyName for Bulgaria.
A partir de ahi se avanza hacia un analisis contemporaneo que gira en torno a la regulacion coyuntural; se considera el empleo, la incidencia en el PIB, la movilidad y el acceso al mercado internacional de capitales como las principales fuentes de apalancamiento de las CMN en sus procesos de negociacion con los Estados.
The money raised will fund lifesaving medical care, research, education and outreach programs at 117 CMN hospitals in the communities Rite Aid serves.
Like many members of Colliers, CMN uses the trade name of Colliers," said Mark Boisi, chairman of Colliers ABR.