CMNCChina Machine New Energy Corporation (China)
CMNCCochran Mill Nature Center (Palmetto, GA)
CMNCChamber Musicians of Northern California (California)
CMNCCrowley Museum and Nature Center (est. 1974; Sarasota, FL)
CMNCChicago Microtechnology and Nanotechnology Community (Illinois)
CMNCCell-Mediated Natural Cytotoxicity (cancer research)
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The Hercynian ductile fault (CMNC) has the same strike and dip and is crosscut by the Tet fault in the eastern part of the area (see also Figure 4).
They are mainly located at the intersection between the Tet fault and the ductile CMNC Fault.
The springs are located at the bottom of an inverted fault scarp induced by the locally 70[degrees] dipping CMNC ductile fault, which allows juxtaposition of gneiss in the footwall with metasediments in the hanging wall (Figure 4(b)).
Except at Vernetles-Bains, where emergence is on the CMNC Fault, the hot springs are located at less than 700 m from the Tet fault.
Ductile fault as the CMNC also shows evidence of fluid circulation.
The occurrence of hot springs along the CMNC mylonites in the footwall far from the Tet fault (Vernet-les-Bains) indicates that ductile faults may be efficient permeable pathways allowing fluid upflow to deviate from the fault damage zone (Figure 10).
Twenty paratypes are deposited in: CMNC (1 [male] 1 [female]), CASC (1 [female]), STRI (1 [female]), CNIN (1[female]), IEXA (1 [male] 1 [female]), MZCI (1 [male] 1 [female]), WBWC (1 [female]), MAMC (1 [female]), DJCC (2 [male][male] 3 [female][female]), and LLDC (2 [male][male] 2 [female][female]).
The authors make a convincing argument regarding the centralized structures hindering JMNCs' flexibility, and when comparing JMNCs to current CMNCs, there is a noticeably similar pattern.