CMNFCoordination Mammalogique du Nord de la France (French: Mammalogy Coordination Department of Northern France; est. 1993)
CMNFClothed Male, Naked Female (erotica genre)
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The twelve honey samples were classified into four classes, as follows: (a) raw-multifloral (RMF), (b) commercial-multifloral (CMF), (c) raw-monofloral (RMnF), and (d) commercial monofloral (CMnF).
The phytoconstituents and antioxidant activities of these four classes of honey decreased in the following order: for TPP: RMF > CMnF > CMF > RMnF, for TF: CMnF > RMF > CMF> RMnF, for TP: CMF > CMnF > RMF > RMnF, for AA: RMF > CMF > CMnF > RMnF, for reducing sugar: CMF > CMnF > RMF > RMnF, for FRAP: CMnF > RMF > CMF > RMnF, and for DPPH: CMF > RMnF > RMF > CMnF.
Fe was reported to be significantly higher in the CMnF class.