CMNSComputer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences (University of Maryland)
CMNSConnection Mode Network Service
CMNSConnection-Mode Network Service
CMNSCondensed Matter Nuclear Science
CMNSClassical & Medieval Numismatic Society
CMNSCentre for Molecular Nanoscience (University of Leeds; England, UK)
CMNSCommunications Nova Scotia (Canada)
CMNSCombat Mission Needs Statement
CMNSCentre for Micro and Nano Systems (Hong Kong)
CMNSCustomer Managed Network System
CMNSChiang Mai Night Safari (Thailand)
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It is acknowledged that there are direct links between FDI and higher education, both visible in the award of scholarships and sponsorship of formal education, and in the capacity of CMN to support the development of universities, acting as a beneficial link between these institutions.
A specific feature of CMNs is that of providing training for their own employees.
To accommodate the explosively growing data traffic in a large coverage area, cognitive radio based wireless mesh network or cognitive mesh network (CMN) has been considered as one of the most promising solutions [1-3].
Foi tambem utilizado o residuo remanescente da filetagem para a retirada dos espinhos proximos a linha lateral, denominado de corte em "V" ou carne manualmente separada (CMNS), o qual foi triturado em um moedor homogeneizador CAF[R] utilizando-se disco com furos de 2 mm.
Issues Related to Reproducibility in a CMNS Experiment.
Currently, the SOFCIDS-U process uses CMNS funding specifically allocated to fulfill urgent needs.
Thus, in a free global economy, certain CMNs connected their national economic performance with the competitive performance on world markets, both by increasing production and by modernizing their own products, higher in quality compared to these.
Por otra parte, si es posible afirmar que el incremento de las escuelas de este programa fue superior al de sus similares que no participaron en el, especialmente en las mediciones de matematica y CMNS. Esto sugiere que el efecto de mejoramiento de las intervenciones debiera ser analizado mas especificamente segun el area de aprendizaje evaluada.
The first direct demonstration of synapse-specific facilitation in Aplysia examined the connections of individual siphon SNs onto two physically separate sets of postsynaptic targets: at proximal SN synapses onto nearby central motor neurons (CMNs) in the intact abdominal ganglion, and at SN synapses onto peripheral motor neurons (PMNs) at the distal end of the attached siphon nerve, several centimeters away (Clark and Kandel, 1993; Gooch and Clark, 1997).
The International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ISCMNS) is a not-for-profit scientific society whose mission is to "promote the understanding, development and application of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS) for the benefit of members and the wider community."
Immediate needs can be filled in a similar manner to current combat mission needs statements (CMNS).