CMOCCivil-Military Operations Center (US DoD)
CMOCCheyenne Mountain Operations Center
CMOCCertified Manager of Condominiums (Real Estate Institute of Canada accreditation)
CMOCCanadian Mustang Owners Club
CMOCCivil-Military Object Class
CMOCCatastrophic Medical Operations Center
CMOCChi Mei Optoelectronics (Corporation)
CMOCCivil-Military Operation Cell
CMOCCaspi Meruerty Operating Co. BV (Kazakhstan)
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In addition, Freeport has agreed to negotiate exclusively with CMOC to sell its interests in the Kokkola Cobalt Refinery in Finland for $100 million and the Kisanfu exploration project in DRC for $50 million, subject to the parties' entering into definitive agreements with respect to such separate transactions before 31 December 2016.
The only way to accomplish such a feat is increased intelligence augmentation to the CA battalion, and by extension, the deployed CMOC.
CMOC, which mainly produces molybdenum and tungsten, has a market value of $5bn.
As disclosed in the prospectus, as a leader of the molybdenum industry, CMOC is China's largest in terms of reserve and China's largest and the world's fourth largest player in terms of output.
29) Expanding these scenarios to include CMOCs along with civilian actors from the U.
Their findings suggest that CMOC can encourage students to be not only more savvy users of punctuation, but also more attuned to the way their text sounds as they create it (thus giving the process an element of performance).
The CMOC serves as the command center for NORAD and U.
In the Rwanda operation, the NGO representatives at the CMOC meetings varied--they showed up according to their need to move their "stuff' or themselves into or out of the area.
66) This CMOC should apply the lessons CENTCOM learned in Operation Restore Hope by investing in the staffing and education of permanent CMOC personnel.