CMODContent Manager onDemand (IBM)
CMODCrack Mouth Opening Displacement
CMODCentre for Management and Organisation Development (Ireland)
CMODCompany Mate of the Deck (US Naval Academy)
CMODConfiguration Modification
CMODContinuous Media on Demand
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(1) and (2) is the following: [a.sub.0] represents the initial notch length, d is the diameter of chevron bend specimen and F with CMOD are the loading force with corresponding opening displacement determined from the linear part of the processed F-CMOD diagram.
(1) Observed graphs of force versus CMOD exhibit a boomerang shape until the restrained area releases and the entire crack front evens out.
These parameters were obtained from experimental load versus CMOD plots from the slope of two linear fits as presented in Figure 3.
The amount of multiplication operations is (1/2)[eta]([L.sub.*j]) x ([eta]([L.sub.*j]) + 1), and the AOs for addition in cmod are the same.
It was obvious that if the applied water pressure increased, the mechanical splitting force was designed to decrease to maintain the same CMOD. In Figure 13, it also could be found that if [p.sub.n] [greater than or equal to] 0.6 MPa, the decrease velocity of the maximum splitting force slowed down.
Debido a que la caracterizacion del concreto a flexion fue mediante vigas sin entalla, se correlaciono la deflexion vertical con la abertura de la fisura o CMOD (crack mouth opening displacement), para todas las probetas prismaticas analizadas en este estudio mediante dos metodos, uno analitico basado en la deflexion y la geometria de la viga [15] y otro empirico basado en estudios experimentales de correlacion entre medicion de deflexion y de CMOD directamente [12]; se observo que los resultados obtenidos tienen una variacion insignificante, menor al 3%, por lo que se demuestra una congruencia muy apropiada entre ambos metodos.
A Crack Mouth Opening Displacement (CMOD) device, guided by EN14651, was positioned over the notch to provide a precise display of the crack opening.
RRY is similar to REQ except that the CMOD in RRY is always UNICAST.
Monarch RMS, Datawatch's web-based report mining and Business Intelligence (BI) solution, transforms static reports and other business documents stored in a customer's IBM DB2 CMOD system into real, actionable data like Excel spreadsheets.
Given the results of this analysis, two related problems are calculated: (i) PMOD, a procedure-level summary of context-sensitive modification side effects which can occur to fixed locations, and (ii) CMOD, a set of modified fixed locations at each program point corresponding to a specific context.
A paper[28] by T Liu describes development of a thermal shock tester based on the arc discharge method and which incorporates a special LVDT device to monitor the Crack Mouth Opening Displacement (CMOD).
This study used a crack mouth opening displacement (CMOD) by measuring a clip gauge set at the notch opening, and CMOD controlled the crack width during loading.