CMORCouncil for Marketing and Opinion Research
CMORChildren's Museum of Richmond (Richmond, VA)
CMORCanadian Meteor Orbit Radar (astrophysics)
CMORChildren's Museum of Oak Ridge (Oak Ridge, TN)
CMORCenter for Marine Ornamental Research (now Oceans, Reefs and Aquariums, Inc.; Florida Atlantic University)
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I was astounded as soon as I put my CMOR chart (Northeast Fla., Georgia, South Carolina) into my Simrad Evo2 machine.
CMOR is constantly working to add coverage and the web page is the best place to see what is available for your area.
In response to CMoR's interest in starting a Living Laboratory[R] at the museum, VCU and CMoR worked collaboratively to develop the Seymour Living Lab.
The CMoR Learning project started in the summer of 2012 with the goal of enhancing the social and learning experiences at CMoR for children with disabilities and their families.
Maybe all the codes of conduct and ethics for the research industry -- from the likes of AAPOR, ARF, CASRO, CMOR, IMRO, and MRA, for example -- just don't matter in an economic and competitive climate that breeds efforts like Philly's.
Viewed in the light of the findings of Cmor and Lippold (2001), who stated that students will give the same academic weight to discussion list comments as peer-reviewed journal articles, it would seem that students are poor evaluators of the quality of academic online resources.
. CMOR Tracking System--Cooperation, Refusal and Response Rates.
The Council for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR), a lobbying group which represents pollsters and surveyors, did its telephone poll in April 1995 and found that the refusal rate had risen 13 percent since 1990 in what they called "a slow but steady upward climb."
For this Bicol activity, combined members of the CMOR and the 9th ID presided over the distribution of over 800 boxes of school supplies donated by Alorica, Phils, a business-process outsourcing company based in Manila.
The 18-month pilot program was created to develop technical capacity and expand knowledge through practical applications at the University's CMOR Harbor and Central Workshops.
We have the support of the KAUST Coastal and Marine Resources Core Lab (CMOR); we have the IT department helping us with the data streaming and the satellite communication; and we have all our colleagues in IOP who work to pilot the gliders collect and process glider data, explained Zarokanellos.
a Medical Curriculum: Dianne Cmor, Weill Cornell Medical College in