CMOSFETComplementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
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A Novel Damage-Free High-k Etch Technique Using Neutral Beam-Assisted Atomic Layer Etching (NBALE) for Sub-32nm Technology Node Low Power Metal Gate/High-k Dielectric CMOSFETs - demonstrates a novel damage-free neutral beam-based atomic etching process that successfully removes the residual high-k dielectric layer after gate patterning.
Strain Additivity in III-V Channels for CMOSFETs beyond 22nm Technology Node - explores performance characteristics with strain on III-V materials in non-planar finFET and CMOSFETs channels at the 22nm technology node.
Crolles2: Comparative Scalability of PVD and CVD TiN on HfO2 as a Metal Gate stack for FDSOI cMOSFETs Down to 25-nm Gate Length and Width (IEDM Session 23.