CMP-Neu5AcCytidine 5-Prime-Monophosphate N-Acetylneuraminic Acid Synthetase
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It turned out that a monooxygenase (hydroxylase) converted Neu5Ac to Neu5Gc with NAD(P)H as cofactor, (34) but it took 18 years more to show that CMP-Neu5Ac is the natural substrate for this hydroxylase as studied in pig submandibular gland.
(65) KI-8110 has also no effect on CMP-Neu5Ac synthase.
50) However, Neu5Gc is found in healthy human cells less than 0.1% of total Sias 51) obtained only directly from nutrition due to an exon deletion/frameshift mutation in the human CMP-Neu5Ac hydroxylase (CMAH) gene encoding CMAH required to transfer an oxygen atom to CMP-Neu5Ac for generation of CMP-Neu5Gc.