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CMPAColégio Militar de Porto Alegre (Brazil)
CMPACanadian Media Production Association
CMPACanadian Medical Protective Association
CMPACanadian Music Publishers Association
CMPACentre Médical et Pédagogique pour Adolescents (French: Medical and Educational Center for Youth)
CMPACanadian Magazine Publishers Association
CMPACow's Milk Protein Allergy
CMPAChurch Music Publishers Association (Tennessee)
CMPACenter for Media & Public Affairs (Washington, DC)
CMPAConstruction Mécanique de Précision Auber (French industrial mechanics company)
CMPACorrugated Metal Pipe Arch
CMPACertified Manager of Patient Accounts
CMPACanadian Military Police Association
CMPAConstruction Material Processors Association (Australia)
CMPAContract Manufacturing & Packaging Association (Jackson, Tennessee)
CMPAComprehensive Multidisciplinary Patient Assessment (National Kidney Foundation and American Nephrology Nurses' Association)
CMPACertified Medical Practice Analyst
CMPACalifornia Modified Pullers Association
CMPACertified Management Professional Associate
CMPACenter for Mathematical Physics Amsterdam
CMPAComprehensive Medical Practice Analysis
CMPACoastal Marshland Protection Act of 1970
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Furthermore, we could not assess the real amount of phone calls received during a full day of work as we could only use the documented phone consultations which did not include the estimated 10% missing phone call consultations However, we believe that most urologists made conscious efforts to document phone consultations and better documented given medical advice as recommended by the CMPA.
The nature of the formula may add additional indications to its use apart from its nutritional role, such as for dietary management as a replacement formula in children with established CMPA.
Finally, we highlighted the benefit of using our MPA algorithm comparing to the RMPA and CMPA algorithm in literatures.
In our case, the patient presented hypogammaglobulinemia associated with CMPA and Staphylococcus aureus infection of the skin lesions.
It has been suggested that in tribes/ethnic groups where cow's milk is given to young infants for nutritional purposes or cultural reasons and the children develop gastrointestinal symptoms or other clinical manifestation, the possibility of CMPA should be entertained.
s mother was advised to eliminate dairy from her diet due to concern about CMPA.
When a CMPA member is sued by a patient regarding medical treatment, that member is generally eligible for assistance from the CMPA.
While the CMPA statement concerns discretionary disclosures to the police, it is equally applicable to discretionary disclosures to a Registrar of Motor Vehicles.
According to CMPA president Robert Lichter, "these jokes make fun of her inadequacies as a woman.
Obama's positive press is the strongest showing CMPA has ever recorded for a presidential candidate since we began monitoring election news in 1988," said Robert Lichter, director of the non-partisan research group, which is affiliated with the George Mason University.
See Center for Media and Public Affairs, CMPA Factoids: Crime Coverage in TV News Data, http://web.