CMPFCoal Mines Provident Fund Organisation (India)
CMPFCommon Man Protection Force (India)
CMPF3-Carboxy-4-Methyl-5-Propyl-2-Furanpropanoic Acid
CMPFCommander, Maritime Prepositioning Force
CMPFCooper Mountain Presbyterian Fellowship (Aloha, OR)
CMPFCentral Meat Processing Facility
CMPFConfidential Military Purpose Funds
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Interest in the CMPf as a DBS target resurfaced following the observation by Krauss et al.
A single study demonstrated that CMPf stimulation alone led to significantly reduced FoG, where GPi stimulation alone did not [38]; however, this study had a sample size of only 6 patients.
LT Rodney Bonner from NCHB 1 deployed to Commander, Maritime Prepositioning Force (CMPF) and 2D FSSG FWD, Camp Patriot, Kuwait.
LT Chris Castleberry from NCHB1 deployed to CMPF and 2D FSSG FWD, Camp Patriot, Kuwait.
Occupancy of albumin by CMPF (2) or oleate (3) has previously been shown to influence the unbound concentrations of drugs such as furosemide, meclofenamic acid, aspirin, mefenamic acid, and diflunisal, which in turn leads to an increase in the free thyroxine concentration by competitively inhibiting the binding of thyroxine to its specific binding globulin (3).
(1) that a 6:1 molar excess of oleate over albumin (equivalent to a serum oleate concentration of 3-4 mmol/L at normal albumin concentrations), markedly increased the unbound fraction of furosemide in the presence of 0.3 mmol/L CMPF. Although such serum oleate concentrations may be found in sera from heparin-treated patients, they do not necessarily reflect the in vivo oleate concentration.
CMPF naval support elements safely and effectively off-loaded three Maritime Pre-positioning Force (MPF) ships in support of the Marine deployment.
"This was the first time that a Naval Task Force set up an expeditionary base camp in country rather than aboard a flagship at sea," said LCDR Stanley Scott, CMPF planning officer.
This concentration was selected on the basis of the concentration of CMPF observed in uremic failure patients (our preliminary experiments had shown that CMPF had the most potential for inhibiting furosemide binding to HSA).