CMPRCentre de Médecine Physique et de Réadaptation (French: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center)
CMPRConservatory of Music of Puerto Rico (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
CMPRClub Modellismo Plastico Ravenna (Italian: Ravenna Plastic Model Club; Ravenna, Italy)
CMPRCoastal Migratory Pelagic Resources (fishery management)
CMPRConfiguration Management Process
CMPRCommunications, Marketing and Public Relations (University of the Western Cape; South Africa)
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Theorem 4 and Deduction 5 provide the actual data amount reaching the sink in MPR scheme and CMPR scheme.
"Since I formed CMPR in 2004, and having worked with television shows and events based in New York, I knew we needed a presence on the East Coast," said Webster.
Manual cell search done on the [Cd.sub.2]Sn[O.sub.4] sample in CMPR using the TREOR90 algorithm revealed that the [Cd.sub.2]Sn[O.sub.4] powder crystallized in orthorhombic structure with cell parameters a = 5.568 [Angstrom], b = 9.894 [Angstrom], and c = 3.193 [Angstrom] and cell volume as 175.94 [[Angstrom].sup.3] with the figure of merit (FOM) of 62.0.
(1968) (1983) (1983) (1968) PL x x x x DIM x CMPR x x x x SUP x x x x PST x x x PART ATTR x x x GEN x x INF NEG INCH F INTS TR Jenkin- Du Toit Van Baden- Com- son (1982) Schoor horst et brink (1986) (1983) al.
CMPR systems track payer behavior--true underpayments are filtered out and assigned, minimizing wasted time.
Assim, os principais criterios utilizados para analise da viabilidade economica sao: valor presente liquido (VPL), razao beneficio/custo (B/C), taxa interna de retorno (TIR), valor esperado da terra (VET) e custo medio de producao (CMPr).
(NASDAQ: CMPR) has agreed to acquire US-based custom writing instrument maker National Pen Co.
Held in Barry's Amusements in Portrush, it opened with CMPR models going round on the carousel to the most beautiful song performed by 16-year-old Jasmine Gardiner.
Multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) and curved multiplanar reconstruction (CMPR) techniques have little role to play in coronary imaging.