CmPSCommunity Problem Solving (education)
CMPSCenter for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies
CMPSCollege of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences (University of Maryland; College Park, MD)
CMPSCompare Word String
CMPSCenter for Management and Policy Studies
CMPSCommon Mapping Production System
CMPSCompartmented Mode Processing System
CMPSComponent Model Processing Suite
CMPSCoast Mountain Practical Shooters
CMPSCoal Mines Pension Scheme (India)
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The MPS-GC, instead of the CMPS, enables accurate computation in existence of tensile stress.
According to CMPS Institute Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gibran Nicholas, CMPS is a financial designation loan originators can earn through training on the financial aspects of a mortgage.
A la vez que algunas partes de America Latina estan disfrutando de un impetu economico, envidiado por Europa y Estados Unidos, se presenta un escenario para un crecimiento continuo y las "multilatinas" se estan posicionando para sacar el maximo provecho de estas circunstancias favorables--y han encontrado a los CMPS como herramientas utiles en dicho proceso.
The CMPS was collected and ground into a coarse powder and stored in an aluminum laminated plastic bag.
05 level of significance, so our null hypothesis is that there is no significant difference between the lesson plan of CMPS and GGPS in Punjab, is rejected and it is concluded from the above data that teachers of CMPS have more opportunities for lesson planning as compared to GGPS teachers.
This combination of results would indicate that the CMPS shows a significant decrease in the polarity or hydrophilicity of the silica surface or a significant increase in nonpolar or organophilic character.
Unfortunately, the CMPS tips do not mention such products, nor do they mention matching options to needs and goals.
En consecuencia, la Oficina del Gabinete establecio la meta de aumentar a 16 los dias de capacitacion por ano de los miembros del Servicio Civil Senior, lo que implico aumentar al doble la oferta de cursos suministrados por el CMPS.
Por medio de la metatesis destruye la CMPS y crea una CMPP.
TAT and CMPS both originate from Murray's theory of personality[42].
The CMPS responds to these events by computing and performing sequences of output actions whose intended timing is determined algorithmically.
Richards has earned his Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS[R]) designation granted by the CMPS Institute.