CMPTComputer Science (course)
CMPTClinical Microbiology Proficiency Testing (University of British Columbia; Canada)
CMPTCentre for Marine and Petroleum Technology (UK)
CMPTCertified Manual Physical Therapist (North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy)
CMPTconsequence management planning team (US DoD)
CMPTClube Manager Portugal
CMPTComposite Technology
CMPTConventional Marine Propulsion Training
CMPTCommon Mode Power Transfer
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A trace element screen as well as selenium and vitamin E, can be added to the CMPT, as needed.
This eliminated 48 6PAX, 26 CMPT PU, and 244 Bobtail records.
6 PAX CMPT PU Bobtail Number of records 1,009 1,757 1,351 Utilization (1) 4,851,405 6,080,291 441,594 Fuel consumption (gal) 360,273 305,825 239,697 Average M/HPG 13.
Using the above records, particularly the CMPT PU, the average miles per gallon were compared to data contained on the DoE fuel-economy guide Web page.
Comparing the CMPT PU data to the DoE averages shows the filtered results obtained from the 20-to-SO-percent data were reflective of the DoE city average miles per gallon (usage of the Air Force compact pickups is typical of city driving).
The Dirigo Research coverage includes a layman's explanation of what CMPT does, by Larry Oakley, who issued a prior research report under wallstreetcorner.
During this rapidly changing market, CMPT actually went up.
When I first wrote about CMPT in my Mid-Week Comment posted 8/1/2001, it closed the evening before (7/31/2001) at $1.
The fact that CMPT went contrary to the market yesterday demonstrates its underlying strength," said Oakley.
With a new dynamic national direct sales force, CMPT markets directly to businesses that have plural infrastructures of servers, routers, hubs, and switches.
A particularly interesting section of the profile is Larry Oakley's layman's explanation of what CMPT really does - he puts it in terms most of us can easily understand.