CMRBCentro de Medicina Regenerativa de Barcelona (Spanish: Center of Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona)
CMRBChinese Medicine Registration Board (Victoria, Australia)
CMRBCalifornia Melon Research Board
CMRBContractor Material Review Board (NASA)
CMRBCash Management Review Board
CMRBCrisis Management Resource Board
CMRBContract Maintenance Review Board
CMRBChange Management Review Board
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CMRB 8" Uniform & 10"Uniform "Method 4" (423,942 sy), Portland Cement for CMRB (10,658 Tons), Liquid Asph.
Chris Jopling, a postdoctoral fellow of Izpisza Belmonte's at CMRB and first author of the study, believes human heart "hibernation" is significant.
To display compliance and receive engine certification from EPA and CMRB, ZPP has successfully demonstrated compliance to the stringent emissions testing requirements.