CMRECommittee for Monetary Research & Education (Charlotte, NC)
CMRECoy Miller Race Engines (Harrisonburg, VA)
CMRECummings-McCraney Real Estate (Newberry, MI)
CMRECatania Medrano Real Estate (Newtown, New South Wales, Victoria, Australia)
CMREColorado Monthly Reporting Experiment
CMRECanal de la Marne au Rhin Est (French: Canal of the Marne to the East Rhine)
CMRECharles Meurant Real Estate (French real estate company)
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Because of this preparation, the brigade's Soldiers easily and effortlessly transitioned into the CMRE mission and were never stressed as they executed their mission in support of retrograde operations.
This hybrid intelligence mission focuses on how the CMRE views the battlefield, communicating in the Combined Joint Operational Area-Afghanistan (CJOA-A), supporting Force Protection (FP), and focus areas for pre-deployment training and preparation.
Tom Krupp, who was serving with 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion (CSSB), a Kandahar-based leading element of the CMRE.
The CMRE supported regional command and brigade combat team efforts to bring property to record, inventory and account for containers, process materiel for retrograde, and close down forward operating bases or transfer them to the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
RSYs and FREs in Afghanistan have directly contributed to the CMRE mission to responsibly redistribute and properly dispose of property across the Combined Joint Operations Area-Afghanistan.
This was an effective concept; it consolidated all efforts and decisions into one office instead of having up to five different enabler teams working independently based on guidance from a CMRE unit located outside the FOB.
The retrograde sort yards (RSYs) were the heart of the CMRE.
The 17th CSSB's support operations (SPO) transportation section played an integral role in the CMRE mission.
Central Command (CENTCOM) materiel recovery element (CMRE) RCP transfer concept, which resourced CMRE RCP units with the appropriate equipment to support projected mission requirements.
It was important from the outset for the CMRE to focus its efforts on informing and influencing audiences at all levels across Afghanistan--from companies and battalions on remote combat outposts to the regional commands and policymaking levels.