CMRMCertified Medical Revenue Manager (Medical Revenue Management Association of America certification)
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[12], TM [5], CMRM [7], CRM [8], and PLSA-WORDS [11] mentioned in paper [12].
Table 2 and Figure 9 illustrate the evaluation results of the proposed algorithm, TM, CMRM, CRM, PLSA-WORDS and PLSA-FUSION algorithms on the two predefined labels.
49 labels 260 labels AR AP AR AP TM 0.34 0.20 0.04 0.06 CMRM 0.48 0.40 0.09 0.10 CRM 0.70 0.59 0.19 0.16 PLSA-WORDS 0.71 0.56 0.20 0.14 PLSA-FUSION 0.76 0.65 0.22 0.19 Double-layer PLSA 0.74 0.70 0.25 0.20
Fiber tracking for the original data and noisy data with no filtering, SM3D, SF3D, SM2D and SF2D was performed using the DTI-Studio (CMRM, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, USA).
The CMRM measures the relative risk of residential mortgage loan delinquencies due to fraud propensity, collateral risk, house-price dynamics and local economic health in 381 metro areas representing 89 percent of the U.S.
Of the 381 markets monitored by CoreLogic, the fourth-quarter CMRM noted that 88 markets were depreciating, compared with 70 markets the previous quarter, while 159 markets are appreciating by less than 3 percent or at about the rate of inflation.
Performance comparison of semantic image retrieval results on Corel5k Algorithms All words Words (recall > 0) Mean average precision on corel5k CMRM [14] 0.17 0.20 CRM [16] 0.24 0.27 CRM-Rectangles [15] 0.26 0.30 MBRM [15] 0.30 0.35 Ours 0.31 0.37 Table 5.
determine would adversely affect the program at any time in its life cycle." By addressing emerging contaminants early in the acquisition process, the CMRM Directorate also advances other DoD interests, such as extending the lifespan of platforms; anticipating regulatory shifts, and thus avoiding early obsolescence; and reducing the costs of future operations and maintenance and demilitarization efforts.
Leveraging the information and risk management options generated by the CMRM Directorate can help acquisition managers effectively address ESOH and other risks in their overall risk management process, as outlined in MIL-HDBK-881, "Work Breakdown Structures for Defense Materiel Items" (see <>).
However, the outlook is not as positive for foreclosures, as the CMRM's foreclosure index increased dramatically during the second quarter--posting a 10.5 percent increase over the first quarter.
The CMRM data reveal continued turbulence in real estate that affects local economies across the country."